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Tapcon Anchors

Large Diameter Tapcon Concrete Anchors

ITW is releasing new large diameter Tapcon anchors. 

I don’t know about you but I’ve used Tapcon anchors for many concrete fastening tasks over the years and they are my go to when I need some serious holding power in concrete.

These new large diameter Tapcon Concrete Screw Anchors are made in the USA and come in the following sizes:

The new Tapcon® anchors feature Advanced Threadform Technology™ which translates into 30 percent lower installation torque, and 20 percent more holding power.

Just like their little brothers the Large Diameter Tapcon® Anchors are 50 percent faster to install as they do not require assembling, driving, tightening and torquing.  

Simply drill the hole and drive the Tapcon® Anchor.  Large Diameter Tapcon® Anchors feature an induction hardened tip that is engineered to cut into concrete and brick, and increases pullout strength.

They can be driven with a cordless impact driver and with less torque required for installation they increase battery life, and productivity.

Other features include:

Another Key Feature:

These new Tapcon Anchors are cracked and seismic approved with 2012 building code compliance, as per ICC-ES ESR-2202, providing a level of assurance contractors appreciate when the Building Inspector arrives.

In addition, Tapcon offers the only 5/16” diameter seismic approved anchor on the market today. (Note: the 5/16” x 3” Tapcon Anchor is the perfect anchor for installation of windows or doors into concrete or masonry where codes require cracked and seismic approval).


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