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Coils vs. Coilless. What is Coilless Technology for Tankless Water Heaters?

Is Coilless really a word? Most people have heard of coils, but most are unfamiliar with the term “coilless”. And, yes, it is really a word. American Hometec, a new manufacturer of tankless water heaters, uses a patented Coilless Technology for electric tankless water heaters. This technology takes water heaters to the next level as it heats water in a different way – indirectly through unique heat transfer for increased efficiency and water conservation.

Other electric heaters on the market immerse coils directly in the water in order to heat it, causing heat spots, which produce build-up of lime scale and a decrease in heating efficiency. Because there are no coils with American Hometec’s new technology, the electric components are never in direct contact with the water being heated, preventing accumulation of lime scale inside the unit and increasing longevity of the unit.

We’ve brought something that is brand new to the market and believe this technology has changed the game in water heating. American Hometec just introduced our T16 electric tankless water heater for mid-range hot water demands such as the average-sized bathroom. The unit provides the versatility to heat a sink and shower simultaneously, and offers a continuous, precise temperature-controlled hot water supply. In addition to being extremely energy efficient, the T16 breaks new ground in the industry by featuring a well-designed, modern looking machine. Intended to be a sleek bathroom fixture and installed in plain view, the unit features a brushed chrome frame, sophisticated blue LED smooth touchÔ temperature control panel, and an easy-clean surface. Also, due to its compact size, the T16 unit is designed for point-of-use installation, which the U.S. Department of Energy recommends to help conserve both valuable water and energy.

Guest post by Dave Millilo

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