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Taking Photos During A Remodel

Take pictures now – SAVE time later

Several years ago I started taking mid-construction pictures of any remodeling projects I worked on with the intention of creating a digital record for future repairs or remodels.  Taking photos during a remodel has a lot of other benefits too, such as:

Website or Portfolio

I liked this idea and felt it was good for future planning and remodeling, as well as knowing where to nail and not to nail. For example, where water pipes are located inside a wall.

As a contractor, taking photos at job sites will help you later make a work portfolio or have pictures for your website.

Manage Subcontractors and Protect Yourself

Construction photos can make your job run more efficiently, help you monitor subcontractor work, and possibly even insure you against future legal claims and to cover yourself in case of a dispute.

Planning For Future Work or Repair

Photos show details.    Having a digital record of the framing, wiring or plumbing can help save time and money should repairs become necessary.

Taking photos during a remodel can help to quickly pinpoint locations of pipes without having to open unnecessary holes in finished walls.

No Need for A High Priced Camera

You don’t need a professional photographer or spent a lot of money on photography equipment to create a complete and compelling record of your job site’s progress.

All you need is a few basic tools:

Tips for Better Site Photography

Use a strong flash. Construction sites are notoriously dark places.   Add lighting if needed.

Take more pictures than you need.

Compose your shot;  work on  focus, lighting, and framing.

Document project progress.   Take a  series of photos that shows the remodel progress.

Show scale with a tape measure to show the relative size of items in the photo.

Armed with some know-how and the right camera, it’s easy taking photos during a remodel.

Sample Photos taken in 2004

Below is an example of some pictures I took to document water and a gas line [yellow] to a to second floor.


In the photos I used a tape measure to assist me later in locating exact locations.

Now with digital photography its easy to enlarge the picture to see the tape measure to locate utilities or special framing with in a wall or cavity.

It’s also important and “cheap insurance” to mark the location of any pipes or other hidden items on the sub-floor so you don’t hit a nail through it later after drywall is installed

My son is 18 years old now – this photo is a 9 years old but it’s clear as day what’s behind the walls.

Taking photos during a remodel has a lot of other benefits mostly it will save you time and money!

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