Stanley FatMax Tripod LED LightStand Review

By Scott Arnold

Stanley FatMax Tripod LED LightStand – Model TPL45S There are going to be times you will find yourself on the jobsite in the dark. Whether is due to a power failure, working outdoors at night or simply in a crawl space with no illumination. Portable jobsite lights are becoming more and more popular on jobsites these days. Having…

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Stanley FatMax Hi-Speed Ratcheting Screwdriver

By Robert Robillard

Stanley FatMax All-In-One Screwdriver Stanley has recently improved on the indispensable all-in-one multi bit screwdriver with the Stanley Fatmax Hi-speed Ratcheting Screwdriver. Inside the belly of this beast, there are 12 bits to choose from, which should be enough to tackle any home improvement project. It was released in September 2013 and retails for approximately…

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Stanley FatMax PowerClaw

By Phil Benevides

Stanley FatMax PowerClaw an Alternative to Power Strips Primary outlets right where you can reach them Power is a job-site essential and in the remodeling world your job site changes from day to day. Here at a Concord Carpenter, to keep productivity up and profits higher we often to create a consistent and repeatable work…

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