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Strap-Loc Secures Tie-downs Clamps

Tie-down straps are a necessity when transporting remodeling materials to my jobsites but I hate storing them.  They always come out of my glove box a tangles mess. well say goodbye to the mess and hello to Strap-Loc!

Bench Dog Tools just released Strap-Loc which is a neat and orderly storage solution for thos pesky tie-down straps.

Strap-Loc Secures Tie-downs Clamps:

Strap-Loc holders can be used to secure extra lengths of strap during use, and they also provide an organized and compact storage solution.

Long straps can be hazardous and troublesome, especially when they are flapping in the wind behind a truck bed full of cargo. Strap-Loc keeps the extra strap in place and prevents it from becoming knotted, tangled, or pulled so tight that it is difficult to release.

The Strap-Loc is available at woodworking stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. Dealer locations can be found at  and will retial at  $5.99 per pair.


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