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Stanley CARBIDE Utility Blades

Stanley® CARBIDE™ Utility Blades Last Five Times LongerStanley CARBIDE Utility Blades

As a carpenter and re modeler I am constantly using my utility knife.  I use it so much that I probably change the blade every other day.  Some days when working with asphalt, rubber or drywall products I change my blades several times daily.  To say it’s annoying to change blades is an understatement.

It looks like the folks at Stanley thought so too.  Stanley just came out with a new utility blade, which they claim will last more than five times longer than the competition due their Carbide Blade Technology™.

Stanley’s CARBIDE Utility Blades are are made with a process that uses high-powered laser technology to deposit tungsten carbide powder onto the edge of every blade. Diamond wheels are then used to grind a sharp edge.

These new blades are expected to retail in packs of five for approximately $4.99, packs of 10 for $7.99 and packs of 50 for $24.99.  A super reasonable price considering the quality and longevity claim.

Stanley is also offering professional users a free trial sample of its new CARBIDE Utility blade (while supplies last). Contractors can visit www.stanleytools/carbide and enter their contact information to receive a blade. Check it out!!!!

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