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Stained Glass Window

Re-purposing A Stained Glass Window

I love stained glass and stain glass windows.  I found and purchased this beautiful stain glass window at the Brimfield, MA fair.

I’m guessing the window was circa early 1900’s or maybe earlier.  Either way I bought it with the intention of making a frame for it and installing it in a dark hallway at my house.

Old Windows Mean Lead Paint:

I carefully removed all the lead paint by using a chemical stripper and cleaning it with denatured alcohol.  When the old paint was completely removed I then sanded and primed the sash.

I then repaired the putty around the sash frame.

I constructed a new frame and exterior window sill out of cedar.  Cedar is known for it’s inherent rot and insect resistance and a good choice for such a beautiful investment.

Protect Your Stained Glass Window

the stain glass window is single pane glass  and fairly fragile.

To protect the glass from weather and impact damage as well as create an insulating air space I decided it was best to install a protective layer of glass in front of it on the exterior side.

I ordered and installed an exterior storm panel by drilling four holes and installing stainless steel screws.

The new storm will increase energy efficiency by helping to reduce heat loss.

Trimming the Interior:

I decided to trim the interior of the window in an old entablature style:  using a large head casing.   The idea was to create an entablature detail that had a more period character and charm to the 1863 year old house.   Finish trim can make a big impact in a room with a small time and money investment.


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