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Pressure Washing Your Deck With Sprayglide

The folks at Spray Glide. Recently sent me their pressure washer accessory.

SprayGlide Pressure Washer Accessory

The Sprayglide™ attaches to any pressure washer with a wand measuring from 1 / 2 ” (12.7mm) wands and 3 / 4″ (19mm) wands

Sprayglide™ is made of strong 30% glass filled nylon, a stainless steel axle, and solid soft rubber spherical wheel, plus commercial grade Velcro® fasteners, no tools are required.

Pressure washers used to close to a surface can be damage the decking by the powerful stream of water coming out of the wand; you have to be very careful not to get too close.
One issue I have noticed while washing a flat deck surface is your lower back gets fatigued.

The Spray-Glide tool clamps onto the wand with Velcro-like material and allows you to adjust the distance from the wand tip to the surface you’re cleaning. It has a wheel on the tip that allows you to just push the pressure-washer wand back and forth on the roller, allowing you to stand normally. This alone eliminates the physical strain involved in ground level pressure washing and is a huge back ache saver!

The Sprayglide™ can also be used on wall surfaces.

If you use a pressure washer to clean decks, docks or driveways, the Sprayglide™ is a must.  This little accessory will improve your project quality and efficiency and save your lower back at the same time!.


• Easily attaches to any pressure washer wand.
• Reduces stress on your back.
• Protects surfaces from damage.
• Improves job quality & efficiency.
• Guaranteed built to last with super strong nylon body, solid soft rubber spherical wheel, stainless steel axle, and genuine Velcro® brand fastening system.
• Patent pending and manufactured with recyclable material.

This review contains my opinion of a product. I take pride in providing my readers with an honest and objective information as well as a practical approach to using a product. I never accept payment in exchange for a positive review. Many of the tools and products are provided to for free by a manufacturer for review.

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