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Home Depot Pro Smartphone Application on the ACC Job-Site

Here on A Concord Carpenter we’ve discussed the importance of having constant reliable access to communication while on the job, from  access to e-mail to a reliable power source for your device(s). What we haven’t taken a good look at is an integrated smartphone application that can make last minute changes on a job-site more manageable. That’s why we like the new Home Depot Pro application for iPhone and Android devices, offering advanced technology in a system of easy-to-use, efficient tools for professional builders and contractors.

93% of general contractors use some sort of mobile device at job-sites. The Home Depot’s Pro App is one of the only solutions-oriented app specifically designed to meet the needs of professional builders. 58.9% of construction professionals said mobility is important when considering IT solutions. The Home Depot’s Pro App makes it easy, with customizable features to streamline purchasing, pick up, and cataloging receipts for billing, to have everything you need to save you time and money when a hidden cost or unexpected purchase needs to be made immediately for a job.

Fast Access to nearby Home Depot Stores

During set up, the App has you select the locations nearest you, you can select a primary store and list several other stores in and around the area you work in the most. With this customization you can easily contact those locations with a few taps of your screen to directly call the Pro-Desk to make arrangements for an order or pick up.

Some other cool features include an in-store layout map which allows you to see exactly where the department you need to visit is located so you can save time in the store and find your department quickly. Also there is an option to add the stores contact information into your phone so you know if the store is calling you instead of guessing who’s calling from an unsaved number.

Order and Re-Order Material from your Device

The Home Depot Pro App allows you to access your Home Depot Account which gives you access to lists of purchases you’ve already made. This history makes it easy to repurchase items or material you may have run out of. You can even scan a bar-code of a product to re-order it as well.

As many professionals use a professional lumber yard for building material, you still may run out of fasteners or hardware but are too far to make a trip back to the lumber yard, this app allows you to scan a product’s bar-code and search your nearest stores for a availability, saving you time and money when you have a material shortfall on the job-site.


Overall Impression

We know that mistakes on the job-site or unexpected changes to your projects can be a pain when your are far from your primary building material provider, but when you have to make a trip to Home Depot this application makes that unexpected headache much easier to deal with. You can quickly contact the store nearest you, easily place an order online, and have an e-mailed receipt sent to you for billing purposes.

This app is a must have if you use Home Depot as a primary building provider and even if you only use Home Depot in a pinch, this app will save you a ton of time when your dealing with that pinch.


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Where to find The Home Depot Pro App

The Home Depot Pro App is available for free and can be easily found and downloaded on iOS and Android systems by searching “Home Depot Pro”, the app has the same icon as the consumer Home Depot app but is black, or by texting “PRO” to HDepot (433768). You can download the application from the iTunes Store here.


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