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Important Information On Spiked Alcohol Drinks

There are many stories about spiked drinks and some of them unfortunately are true. Spiking drinks with drugs is done with the aim of taking advantage of a person while their sense of reality is distorted, and sometimes this leads to assaults such as date rape, making people ill so that they cannot perform in sport etc.,  and robbery.

The type of drugs used in drinks to create drowsiness or even unconsciousness include Rohypnol, GHB and Ketamine. If you have any concerns because you are alone or you don’t feel that the situation is quite right, it pays to keep alert and pull back on your drinking.

Video and information – Las Vegas PD & Wikihow

Here are some suggestions to help you avoid spiked drinks when out partying.

1. Stick with the bartender. If you are offered a drink by somebody you have only just met or barely know, stay at the bar as the drink is ordered and served. You will be able to see the bartender make it and hand it across the bar. Or, request that drinks be brought to the table by staff.

2. Only drink from unopened bottled drinks or cans over “open” glass drinks. If you are not with people you can trust, have your drink from a bottle and watch the top being removed by the bartender.

3. Always keep an eye on your drink. Do not leave your drink unattended for any time. Give it to a friend to guard or finish it off before racing off to dance or visit the bathroom. If you have to leave it and you return uncertain as to its safety, leave it and get a new one.

4. Accept drinks only from people you trust. If you cannot keep an eye on the serving of your drink, or you have any misgivings about the person offering you a drink, it is best to politely decline. If you are having drinks with friends, you will usually be fine; and ask them to keep an eye on you if you do go off with anyone unknown during the night so that if anything untoward does happen, someone else will be onto it straight away.

5. Avoid sharing other people’s drinks. This could be a ruse to lull you into a false sense of security. Never grab a drink or steal one off someone you don’t know; you never know what is in their drinks and just because they can handle it doesn’t mean you can.

6. Look for obvious signs of tampering. Things such as your drink being moved from were you left it, the straw having been taken out or one put in, less or more liquid than you remember etc.

7. Stop drinking anything that tastes funny. When you drink something that tastes off or unusual, stop right there and have no more. Immediately presume that the situation has become unsafe and either leave as soon as possible, or grab a friend to stay with or leave together.

Stay safe – ~a concord carpenter

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