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Southwire Ship Auger Bit

  Southwire Ship Auger BitSouthwire Ship Auger Bit Review

There is nothing better than a SHARP drill bit when you need a fast, clean hole.  Southwire Tools & Equipment recently introduced a new line of hole making tools they refer to as the “Hole Solutions,” and they work great.

In 1809, an American shipwright named Ezra L’Hommedieu filed the first patent for the spiral auger, which is still in use today. He subsequently went on to refine his design specifically for use in ship building. Today they’re making a slew of drilling solutions for the trades.

We put some of the drill bits into ACC Electrician, Mike Mahoney’s hands and told him to use and abuse them. Just about all electrical installation jobs require a hole to be made, and the Southwire ship auger bit is a bit designed just for that, it’s sharp, fast, and efficient.

Southwire hole Solution Bits

Southwire has a long history of designing, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of tools and equipment for the electrician, and now has invested in hole making innovative solutions.

The new line consists of:


¾” Southwire Ship Auger Bit

The new Southwire ship auger bit, features a heavy duty, self-feeding screw tip that draws the bit through the materials being drilled.   The bits run as small as 4.5″ all the way up to 18” in length.  We recently used both bits on an electrical install, they all have hex shanks and polished coated flutes that help increase chip removal.  The 4.5″ bit proved very useful in an area that was tight restricted the use of most drill bit sizes.  Our electrician loves the 18″ ship auger bit because it allows him to drill most deep holes without an extension.

Drills clean holes in:




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