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Solatube Tubular Skylight

Install A Solatube Tubular Skylight:Solatube Tubular Skylight

Do you have a dark hallway, laundry room or other room with; little to no outside, natural light?  An innovative product by Solatube can bring daylight to these plague areas.

Solatube Tubular Skylight is a high tech skylight and tubular system that is lined with lenses that capture and provide sun room  to dark areas,

The Solatube product can span up to 4o feet long and even be installed  with bends.    The tubes fit within standard framing and the basic kit sells for about $300.00

Solatube Tubular Skylight Considerations

1.  Provides exceptional lighting.

2. It can be installed almost anywhere.  Very flexible installation factors.

3.  It is “Green.” Saves on energy bills and also reduces environmental pollution by providing natural light where conventional electric lights would normally be used.

4.  Adding natural light can enhance mental and physical well-being, boost concentration and energy level.

5.  Inexpensive compared to electric bills and regular skylights.

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