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Solar Powered Trash Bins

Boston’s Trash Bins Go Solar 

Yesterday for Mother’s day my kids and I took my wife to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.  While walking on the sidewalk near the museums entrance we noticed a solar powered trash compactors in place of a trash barrel. They were labeled “Big Belly” Solar compactor.

I was so impressed that I felt the need to post on this topic to spread the word. Kudos to Mayor Menino and Boston public works.

The City of Boston – In May 2008, the City of Boston took delivery of another 44 BigBelly Solar Compactors, incrementing the total now at work throughout the City to be more than 150 units.

“The solar trash receptacles have to go citywide. It will give us a more productive work force because you don’t have to pick them up everyday.” – Mayor Thomas Menino

Solar Powered Trash Bins

The BigBelly® Solar Compactor is a patented compacting trash receptacle that is completely self-powered.

Instead of requiring a electric grid connection, BigBelly uses solar power for 100% of its energy needs.

The unit takes up as much space as the “footprint” of an ordinary receptacle—but its capacity is five times greater. Increased capacity reduces collection trips and can cut fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions by 80%.

BigBelly Solar Powered Trash Bins also provides cost efficiencies from labor savings, fuel cost and maintenance savings, as well as environmental benefits from reduced emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. Safe, easy to use, and designed to keep out pests, the BigBelly has already proven its worth in urban streets, parks, colleges, arenas—and in all weather conditions.

source: BigBelly Solar

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