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Small Business Phone Etiquette

Returning Phone Calls

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Dear fellow contractors and small business people . . .

Phone Etiquette

Your company’s telephone reception service is often the very first contact your customers have with you.

It doesn’t matter whether your company uses a receptionist, a phone service, voice mail system or you answer the a cellphone you need to follow some sort of small business phone etiquette.

What is said and how it is conveyed is YOUR Companies First Impression. Remember you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.


Here’s some tips to welcome and inform your callers:


Voice Mail:


With more and more contractors having websites the likelihood that you will receive emails is a reality.

I answer all emails the day they are received.

If your swamped with work and do not have the time to do or even look at a job – tell them.   I sometimes will schedule an estimate a week, or longer out.   Sometimes after emailing back and forth people will tell you their not in a rush and are willing to wait for you ~ so don’t ignore their request to look at a job.

BEWARE ~ Email lacks tone so be sure to take the time to type the message your trying to convey. Read it out loud before hitting that send button. Use please, and thank you more than you might in person.

Answering your cellphone:

Speak to you later and remember to follow a plan for small business phone etiquette  as well as subscribe to Good Business Practices!

~ a concord carpenter

Sending Professional Emails – Video Tip


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