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Slider Door Adjustment

lider door adjustment

Adjusting A Sliding Door

A customer of mine recently called me to replace a slider door that was difficult to open, close and lock.  Upon further inspection this slider was fairly new, efficient but just not aligned properly on the tracks. A simple slider door adjustment was all that was needed and once adjusted properly the door opened, closed and latched with ease.

Slider Door Adjustment:

Take the time to inspect the door track and wheels.  Make sure there is not debris or dirt causing the door difficulty.  Vacuum out the top and bottom patio door tracks.

Clean the tracks with detergent and a reasonably stiff bristle brush or Scotch Brite pad.  This is helpful to remove grit, grime and any sticky substances that have accumulated on the track.

Locate the tracking screws located on the top and bottom of the door.  there are usually two at the top and two at the bottom and they control the rollers .

If the door is dragging at the bottom, adjust the roller screws found near the bottom of the door. These screws raise the door and roller off the track.  When making this slider door adjustment, raise the door by adjusting both screws the same to keep the door plumb.

Tip:  To make sure you have the door plumb slide the door slightly open just a quarter inch or so.  Adjust the roller heights until the gap between the door jamb and the door panel are consistent.

Once the door is adjusted properly and opening and closing well, lubricate the top and bottom tracks with white lithium grease.  Lithium is an excellent lubricant because it works well in low temperatures.  Don’t apply too much and focus mostly on the rollers.

Before you consider replacement or get frustrated take a few minutes and consider trying a slider door adjustment!

~ concord carpenter

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