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Should You Hire A Contractor

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Benefits of Doing It Yourself VS. Benefits of Hiring a Contractor

Whether remodeling your kitchen, building a bathroom addition or simply repairing a screen door repairing things yourself can be rewarding and cost effective.  

Depending on your level of expertise you need to decide whether or not it makes sense to tackle a project yourself or to hire a contractor to do it. 

Prior to taking on a DIY project, consider factors such as your skills with the tools and materials and do you have prior experience doing similar work and  do you have the appropriate tools on hand and the cost of any additional tools you may need.  

One thing to consider is whether there are available resources for research and further instruction for the project, especially if you get into trouble.

Once you have answered those questions compare the answers to whether you should you hire a contractor.

There are even more important factors to consider, they are:


Repairs can be less expensive than hiring a contractor.

Mid-remodeling changes:

You may have more time on your hands to deal with changes as opposed to working with a professional contractors progress and schedule.

Personal enjoyment:

Many homeowners find “sweat equity” rewarding and fun.

If there are problems with the project, you may have little or no legal recourse with a manufacturer or code issues /insurance agency.  You may also not have the correct tools to complete the work properly or to quality standards. Contractors have all the necessary tools and tools cost money.

Size of the project:

Big projects are sometimes too complex for a do-it-yourself and require a specialist.  This is the time to consider whether you should you hire a contractor or not.

Plumbing, electrical, and carpentry work: Can include substantial tasks and may require a contractor.

Building to code:

Contractors are professionals who understand local codes. You don’t want to jeopardize your safety or the safety of your home or be in violations of a building code / fined later- for failing to follow local building codes.

Permits and inspections:

Contractors take care of the paperwork for you.

Time constraints:

You may have more time than money. Improvements take less time with contractors.

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