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SHIFTboston Ideas Competition

It’s not often that a carpenter gets invited to a swanky design contest by an architect. My friend and architect Dan Broggi invited me to attend tonight’s SHIFTboston’s design contest.

How cool is that?

The competition is an international event and has generated interest from almost all 50 states and over 90 countries; inviting design professionals to unleash their wildest visions for Boston’s public spaces by challenging anyone to answer the question:

WHAT IF this could happen in Boston?

The SHIFTboston competition is open to architects, artists, landscape architects, urban designers, engineers and anyone else who would like to tackle the question: WHAT IF this could happen in Boston?

This competition is intended to collect and inspire. Through sources such as blogs, editorials, advertising, and exhibition, SHIFT will promote the most radical ideas gathered in this competition.

The goal is to attract greater public interest in future possibilities for the urban environment of Boston.

The goal of the competition is to inspire and engage the city community while encouraging positive awareness and a hunger for change.

Check out SHIFTboston’s challenge.

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