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SHIFTboston Competition

 What us Shiftboston?

The SHIFTboston Ideas Competition is open to architects, artists, landscape architects, urban designers, engineers and anyone to submit innovative, radical and  provocative visions for the City of Boston.

The misson is to come up with a “What if” this could happen in Boston?

SHIFTboston seeks to collect visions that aim to enhance and electrify the urban experience in Boston.

Competitors were encouraged to explore topics such as the future city, energy efficiency and ecological urbanism.  This competition is intended to collect and inspire. The goal is to attract greater public interest in future possibilities for the urban environment of Boston.

Dan Broggi’s Project Featured At SHIFTboston Competition

To enjoy this drawing you really need to click to enlarge it.

Boston Cliff Divers Association

Architect Dan Broggi’s idea a permanent home for the Boston Cliff Divers Association [not really an assoc] was done more as a folly than a practical approach.  He entered his drawings in the  SHIFTboston Competition.

Dan, who is a principal at db2ARCHitecture, recently submitted his proposal to the SHIFTboston competition which was held last week. I went with Dan and it was fun to see his drawing and the hear the applause for from the audience when they displayed it. They loved it!

This is Dan’s description on the  SHIFTboston Competition drawing:

Port Channel Area

Boston is home to many of the world’s best athletes and sporting associations, but has been woefully missing in the international arena of cliff diving. This permanent home in the Fort Point Channel area would provide a much-needed practice facility, improving diver safety, increasing knowledge of the sport, and keep the Boston Cliff Divers Association from being a clandestine organization. [e.g., diving off bridges]

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