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Severe Weather Door And Glass

Severe Weather Door And Glass

Hurricane Windows

I recently came across a relatively new product from ODL Inc, a door glass, enclosed blinds and decorative window company.

ODL has a line of severe weather door glass or hurricane glass as most people call it.   It’s a great alternative to the aluminum storm shutters – photo right.

The glass meets Florida and Texas wind-borne requirements in areas where wind speeds can exceed 120 mph. Severe Weather® door glass meets DP±65 wind and missile impact code requirements and Department of Defense minimum anti-terrorist blast standards.

These doors and windows offer an alternative to installing plywood or storm shutters to your coastal or hurricane threatened home.  They also offer better intrusion protection.

ODL offers different styles of doors and glass.

One interesting fact on ODL’s website is the Missile impact testing:
The missile impact test involved firing an 8-foot long 2″x4″ at 50 feet-per-second at designated spots on the door glass and door slab. The entire unit must remain intact through 9,000 pressure cycles, and also pass water-infiltration, structural loading, and forced air-infiltration tests. ODL Severe Weather® door glass meets the ASTM C1172 standard for laminated glass.

ODL offers an aluminum hurricane impact frame that has a powder coating that accepts painting.

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