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Sending Professional Emails

Professional Communication Via Email

As a carpenter I do most of my communicating to schedule, price and work out details on projects via email. It’s fast, easy and can be done at anytime of the day or night.

A big issue that I often see if that emails lack tone and can be misleading at times. Here are a few tips to communicate better via sending professional emails:

Be professional:

Always maintain a polite and respectful tone.

Avoid off color humor and comments.

Leave out the texting lingo and spell out your works.

Be Precise, concise and clear with your message:

Get to the point.

Keep your communication brief and detail as much as needed to get your message out. I always say ‘paint me a mental picture.”

Use a subject header that gives information.

Use bullets.

Use the spell-check and re-read your email before it goes out.

Sign off appropriately:

Create an professional email signature and have your email editor auto paste it in all of your emails.

End your emails with a proper sign off. [e.g, thank you, regards, etc]

Sending Professional Emails – Video Tips

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