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Senco PC1010N Trim Compressor

Senco PC1010N Trim Compressor

Senco PC1010N Lightweight Trim 1-Gallon Compressor

The folks at Senco recently improved their PC1010 lightweight and compact trim compressor.  The Senco PC1010N Trim Compressor is now more powerful and simpler to use.

The Senco PC1010N is a small 1-gallon oil less air compressor that runs at 1 hp. (peak) .5 hp. (running).  We have the older version (PC1010) in the ACC workshop and often reach for it for small tasks and punch list fastening.

First Impression:

The Senco PC1010N is a compact and lightweight package and is super easy to lift, transport and store.  It has a 1-gallon air tank and  measures 14 inches long, 12.25 inches high, and weighs 21 pounds.  The compressor operates at At 68 dBA, while not the quietest on the market, it is extremely quiet, making it ideal for occupied home repairs and home improvement projects.

New and Improved:

Upgrades to the Senco PC1010N include an increased operating pressure of 135 max PSI,  which is a 10 psi increase from the previous compressor which I own and use.

Senco also added additional protection to the unit by designing an integrated control panel and roll cage to protect the highly visible gauges, and coupler.

The coupler is located in a better location than the previous model and this unit has decent non-skid rubber feet to protect hardwood floors and other surfaces.

Video Review:



The .5 horsepower running induction motor produces .7 SCFM at 90 PSI, which I found was adequate for light fastening applications with the following pneumatic fasteners:


Tank Recovery:

Senco claims the PC1010N recovers faster than its predecessor at  128 seconds to fill and 35 seconds to recover.  Our testing with the PC1010N showed:

We set the PC1010N gauge to 100 psi, attached a 3/8 diameter, 25-foot cord and used our 16 gauge PorterCable nailer for this testing.  We were able to shoot six [6] 8-penny nails into 5/4 wood before setting the compressor motor on.  We tested this several times we able to consistently get the same results.   We also measured 38 seconds recovery time consistently.

Note – My old PC1010 fired 4 nails and took 52 seconds to recover.

The PC1010 and PC1010N are by design very quiet small portable air compressors. They are not designed to power larger pneumatic tools for larger jobs.

Overall Impression:

If you plan on using a finish nailer this unit will be running constantly to play catch up.   I would recommend using this to trim one door or one window.   It’s a perfect punch list and “pack light” compressor.  I immediately thought that this would be a great compressor for punch list items and small trim fastening as well perfect for DIY-ers and hobbyists in the garage and workshop.

Overall we like the size and low .68 decibel of the PC1010N.  We used the older version in 4th floor walk up apartments in Boston and it was nice not to have to carry a hefty compressor – this little guy does have its place in the residential remodeling industry and is an awesome DIY and hobby compressor.

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