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Senco Fusion 15-Gauge Cordless Finish Nailer FN65DA

Senco Fusion Finish Nailer:

TheSenco Fusion 15-Gauge Cordless Finish Nailer FN65DA is unlike other cordless nailers.  It has an innovative fuel system called Fusion Technology.  This technology provides the user with the power and utility of a pneumatic tool combined with the convenience of a cordless tool. A  patented Reflex-Shot design provides an instant shot when the trigger is pulled with no ramp-up time.

Just think about how many of those fuel cells you buy for your cordless gas nailer.  With the Fusion your saving money and the environment.  Not to mention the time saved from setting up  and breaking down a compressor and hose every time you need a finish nailer.

 FN65DA Features:

First Impression:

Senco finally started using a solid case with some nice compartments for the nailer.  Past models came with a soft case.  In my opinion a soft case for a nailer is useless and will not protect the tool.

At first glance I thought the tool looked a little small to be effective.  I was wrong!

Small and compact with a nice working angle allowed me to get this nailer into tight spots. The tool is very lite and comfortable in your hand the angle gets you into the corners with ease.

I found the depth of drive setting easy to work and adjust.  A simple on and off switch powers up the tool and is accessible and  very user friendly.

Im not a big van of the hook on tools but this one worked very well , is small and not in the way at all.

The Senco Fusion 15-Gauge Cordless Finish Nailer FN65DA operates with a lithium-Ion battery that shoots up to 600 nails per charge.  The 18v battery reaches an 80 percent charge in 15 minutes.

Using The Senco Fusion FN65DA :

Loading the Fusion is easy, fasteners simply slide in and out,  holding one long clip of nails. I have to say 15 guage nails is the way to go plenty of holding power plus the rigidity to go through most anything. I worked in pine, oak and maple, the nailer had no problem with any of it.   Senco says this nailer can drive up to three nails per second – I believe that!

This unit allows the user the option between selecting sequential [one shot at a time] or bump [rapid] nailing./  I know alot of contractors like to “bump” nail but I think its dangerous and not needed in a finish nailer.  The only time I use bump nailing is when nailing off plywood sheathing on a sidewall, floor or roof.

Overall Impression:

I would recommend this tool to anyone who works with wood – finish carpenter will especially appreciate this nailer.  This nailer is hands down one of the best designed tools i have EVER used.   Its lite, efficient and fast.

As with other cordless nailer the Fusion only comes with one battery.  Will someone please get the stones up to provide two?  I know you all have a price point to reach BUT as users we want 2 batteries!

The Senco Fusion 15-Gauge Cordless Finish Nailer FN65DA sells for $398.00 online here:


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