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SEEK Thermal Imaging Camera for your Smartphone

SEEK Thermal Imaging Camera for your Smartphone

Thermal imaging has changed the way contractors, plumbers, HVAC specialists, and electricians diagnose problems for their customers. Unfortunately for a long time this technology has been far too expensive to be a practical purchase for many of us in the field. Unless you specialized in inspections or used thermal imaging tools in large commercial applications these cameras or diagnostic tools just weren’t that common.

But the possibilities can really enhance your ability to diagnose a customer’s problem. A call for a frozen pipe, a cold or hot spot in the house, drafts, leaks, clogs. The list goes on and on. These common issues can be quickly attributed to it’s source with the enhanced picture the thermal camera provides.

Now the SEEK Thermal Imaging Camera for your Smartphone provides you with this capability at an accessible price, MSRP $249, and provides the convenience of a small and sleek carrying case for a camera that integrates with one of a contractors most important tools, their phone.


Out of the Box

The SEEK Thermal Imaging Camera for your Smartphone is packaged beautifully in sleek box reminiscent of Apple’s famous clean and futuristic packaging for their devices. I was pleasantly surprised by the case provided for safe storage and easy transport of the camera, SEEK cleverly provides a key chain ring perfect for attaching the camera conveniently for you to keep it with you on the go.

I have been keeping the camera in my estimating bag, clipped securely in a small front pocket. As I’m discussing the job with my client I can easily access the SEEK Thermal Imaging Camera and provide on the spot assessments to pinpoint the source of an issue.


The SEEK thermal camera is built around its proprietary 12-micron sensor chip and custom software algorithms. The sensor chip captures 32,000 pixels across its field of view, each of which takes a different temperature measurement, accurate to within a fraction of a degree. The temperature differences between the pixels are translated into images that you can see with your eyes. The colors used in the images represent the range of temperatures from cool to hot. Which colors are used in any given image is arbitrary and can be set in the app.

The app allows you to do some really interesting things with the data collected from the thermal imager. Which not only allows you to identify problems but also depict them in a way that your client can easily see and understand the issue that needs to be addressed. I love the flexibility of this app, as there have been many instances where a homeowner may want to take a measured approach to dealing with an issue, which can prolong my time on the job, and frustrate the client. The SEEK Thermal Imaging Camera for your Smartphone gives you the power to make a solid case for the right intervention.

One particular feature that really was a game changer for me in my use of the camera was the threshold setting. As each room, condition, situation, etc. is different, having the ability to highlight a particular temperature allows you to remove the clutter from the thermal image and allows you to analyze the situation better, and make a judgement.

Overall Impression

The SEEK Thermal Imaging Camera for your Smartphone delivers a cost effective way to speed up diagnosis of common homeowner problems and provide you as a contractor with insights that allow you to make better decisions with less invasive methods.

This Thermal Imaging Camera also has a laundry list of other uses, so if you are an outdoorsmen, have security concerns, or are particular about cooking temperatures, this camera can provide added value to you and your family.

SEEK offers an XR version, MSRP $299, for extended range if you are trying to identify game during a hunt, but this standard version works as well. You can secure a campsite or check a large parking lot for animals or hiding assailants. Or perhaps you want to maximize your productivity on the grill and want to find the hot and cold spots? SEEK’s Thermal Imaging Camera can do it all!

Clearly the SEEK Thermal Imaging Camera for your Smartphone has a lot of capabilities in and outside of construction, but this tool can definitely save you time and money, and therefore, is most definitely ACC approved! Learn more at SEEK Thermal

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