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Seek CompactPro Thermal Imaging Camera

Seek CompactPro Thermal Imaging Camera Review

Seek Compact Pro

We are only able to see Visual light and this makes up just a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.  All objects reflect, absorb and send of energy in different levels, which can be read by infrared equipment.  Thermal imaging cameras will translate thermal energy coming off these objects into visible light.  This energy is read as infrared energy and can be seen on a much larger portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Thermal Imaging Solves Problems

Thermal imaging can help you spot heat loss from a home, check electrical connections for heat, or test a new heating system. These are only a few of the many ways you can use a thermal imager. I guarantee that you will find yourself using the Seek CompactPro Thermal Imaging Camera on a regular bases and it will work it’s way into your everyday tool bag.
With the Seek CompactPro Thermal Imaging Camera  you are getting a lot of bang for you buck. Your phone works with the seek thermal imager, which keeps the cost low for an imager of this quality.   You do need to make sure you purchase the correct imager for your phone.  I would check Seek’s web site to confirm your phone is compatible.

Radiant heat under a hardwood floor in a Kitchen.

Free AP From SEEK

Downloading the free app that the imagers works with  is easy and simple.  The app will walk you through the instructions and setting up the warranty. Once the app is set up, you simply plug the imager into your phone whenever your ready to use it.  The app will pop up instantly.

Seek CompactPro Thermal Imaging Camera Specifications

The Seek CompactPro Thermal Imaging Camera  has nine [9] different color patterns.  Depending on what your looking at allow you to see your image in 9 different ways.

Thermal/Visual mode:

Lets you see the thermal image on a split screen.

Thermal Level and Span:

Allows you to set and hold the temperature range.

Emissivity Control:

Allows you to easily calibrate for emissivity.  Settings are pre-defined.  This allows for different surface materials which in turn gives you even more accurate readings.

Full Frame Thermography:

Choose either 4:3 or 16:9 display format.  I found 16:9 to work best for me.  4:3 did not always display accurate temperatures on my phone.


78,800 pixels gives you a picture with


.5 oz.  You will forget it’s in your hand.

Works with your Smartphone

Uses the Battery on your phone, no additional battery needed.  Will drain the battery on your phone quickly.

Video and Pictures save directly to your phone which makes sharing simple.

320 x 240 Thermal sensor

Great Bang for the buck

Focusable Lens

6 inches to 1,800′


UQ-AAAX for Android users (4.3+ with a musb port).  LQ-AAAX for iPhone users Iphone 5 or higher).  Check online the device compatibility list.

Made in the USA!



Pro’s and Con’s with The Seek Thermal CompactPro

There are pros and cons to needing a phone to work the Seek CompactPro Thermal Imaging Camera.

On the plus side, you get a better quality imager for a lower cost.  You are also able to save photos directly to your phone which makes sharing them via email or text very easy. In this day and age, we all use smart phones for work so adding the imager attachment is simple and convenient.

On the other hand, having to attach the imager to a smart phone could be a deal breaker for many people since there is no guarantee that when you get a new phone, the seek thermal imager will work with that phone. Also, it is very difficult to share the seek thermal imager.  Half of my employees have IPhones and the other half are mixed between Samsung and Androids. This means that only half of my employees can borrow the imager for a project they may be working on.
Due to the fact that I have the Android version of the imager, only my employees with Android phones can borrow it.  My other complaint is that I have to take my phone out of its case for it to work.  I use an otter box and I don’t feel comfortable having my expensive phone out of its case on a job site.  They say on the web site this issue can fixed with an extension cable but the cable I purchased does not work. The Seek thermal imager is expensive, so to have to purchase the extension cable on top of the price and not have it work is a big negative for me.

Cost: Seek Thermal Imaging Camera

The Seek CompactPro Thermal Imaging Camera retails for $499. I believe this is a fair price for the quality of product. However, I feel that an extension cable should be included for that price. Another downside is that the representative I spoke with from Seek was not able to guarantee the longevity of the compatibility with newer smartphones. I think for that reason alone you need to consider how long it will take to justify the cost of this tool.
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