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Seasonal Tool Maintenance

Keeping Your Tools In Tip Top Shape!

We all know tools are put to the test everyday on the job site. To keep tools running at optimal performance level, it’s essential to practice regular tool maintenance or seasonal tool maintenance . Not only will proper care increase the life and improve the performance, but it will also ensure the tools are operating safely and efficiently – which is important knowing professionals depend on their tools everyday.

Fall is here, and the change of season is a great reminder that it’s time to perform maintenance checks on your tools. Here’s a few simple steps you should take each season to make sure your getting the most out of your power tool investment:

Inspect your tool’s cord for cracks, cuts or abrasions

Checking for a faulty cord not only protects your investment by preventing future damage to the tool, but greatly reduces the risks of causing injury down the line.

Check the tool for worn internal parts such as bearings

If you find that parts are worn and they need to be replaced, chances are the fix is minor. Most major power tool brands allow you to easily order your replacement parts online through their website, and instructions on how to make the fix can generally be found in your owner’s manual

Blow dust and debris out of the motor housing

When left untouched, dust and debris will collect on the motor housing of your tool, eventually causing failure. Since the motor tends to be the most expensive part to repair, it sometimes proves to be more cost efficient to purchase a whole new tool instead of replacing the motor. Taking simple precautions and cleaning regularly will help to alleviate this issue.

Examine the accessory holder (blade bolt, blade clamps, chucks and washers) for damage

If damage exists, recognize that it’s time to take a trip to your local home retailer and purchase a few of those inexpensive pieces of hardware.

Professionals take pride in the investment they put into their tools. By practicing these simple maintenance tips each season, you can feel confident knowing that your tools are likely to deliver optimal performance this time next year.

If regular tool maintenance has been overlooked and your tool does go down,take your tool to a service center.  For example I take my  DEWALT tools to a local DEWALT service center.  With over 75 factory-owned locations and more than 1000 DEWALT authorized independent repair shops across the county, they can repair my tools faster and better than I can.


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