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Scanstrut Waterproof Wireless Phone Charger Review

Scanstrut Waterproof Wireless Phone Charger Review

The Scanstrut waterproof wireless phone charger is fully sealed and can be used indoors or outdoors. This type of charger is beneficial because it can be mounted wherever your imagination brings you. We recently completed an outdoor kitchen build, and one of the coolest parts of the outdoor kitchen is the built-in Scansrtut wireless charger.


Scanstrut waterproof wireless phone charger Features

The Scanstrut wireless phone charger is low-profile and can be mounted wherever you choose. The top is a nonslip rubber pad to keep your phone in place. Being a fully waterproof unit, we mounted this to our granite countertop. We had a 2.55″ hole drilled when we ordered the countertops. Having a wireless charger built into this outdoor kitchen is not only a conversation piece, but it is extremely convenient and functional. We often leave an old phone on the charger while it plays music across the Bluetooth speaker system. Other times, it seems that someone is always laying their phone on the charger to get some juice during a gathering.


The Scanstrut wireless phone charger requires a 2 Amp max current. Therefore, since this was being connected to a 120-volt electrical outlet, we had to purchase an additional power supply adapter. Installation is easy as there is simply a negative and positive wire. There is also double-sided 3m tape on the bottom for good adhesion. In addition, I put a bead of silicone around the charger to stop any water from making its way past the tape.

Scanstrut waterproof wireless phone charger considerations

Like most wireless chargers, I have noticed that the wireless signal doesn’t make it through every cell phone case. Scanstrut states that their charger works with cases up to 3mm. While it works with my cell phone case, it doesn’t work with my wife’s phone case which is on the thicker side. In that case, I just pull off the case and lay the phone on the charger. The Scanstrut wireless charger is also Qi Certified. This means that it is compatible with most phones being sold today, and has passed rigorous, independent laboratory tests for safety and efficiency.

Other uses

Wireless charging is growing in popularity. In the future, I plan to install a Scanstrut wireless charger in my boat and in my truck. Scansrut is very popular in the Marine and RV industry. Since most boats/autos use a 12v system, a converter will most likely not be needed.

In Conclusion

Although I was a little hesitant about wireless charging, not having to deal with poor connectors and the often failing power cord is a big bonus. The Scanstrut wireless phone charger works excellent and easily connects to my phone. The 10w output charges at a fast rate and this unit is completely waterproof. This was an excellent finishing touch to this outdoor kitchen build.

Buy it now

The Scanstrut wireless phone charger can be purchased here for $54.95 with free shipping. Scanstrut also backs this product with a 5-year warranty, which is excellent for a product exposed to the elements.

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