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SAVAGE 24 inch Lighted Box Beam Level

SAVAGE 24 inch Lighted Box Beam Level, model number SVLB24

Those of us in the field of construction have at one time or another become familiar with or heard the name Swanson. Swanson was known for the time saving creation the Swanson Speed Square. Swanson has now come out with their newest product line, SAVAGE.  More specifically the SAVAGE 24 inch Lighted Box Beam Level.

Other SAVAGE Products:

Swanson sent AConcordCarpetner three of their SAVAGE products to evaluate and review.

First Impression:

All three vials are lit with bright LED lights.  Whenever I see a battery operated device I look to see how long the life of the battery will last. The SAVAGE levels all have auto shut-off features that after ten minutes of use will shut down the level to save battery power.  That in of itself is a fantastic feature.

The SAVAGE levels come with a .029 degree of accuracy in both the top and bottom positions.   The frames are constructed to resist twisting and bending.

The 24 inch level has rubber diamond bumpers that eliminate marring of your work and provide surface slip resistance.   Rubber end cap bumpers provide protection against drops.

The 9 inch Torpedo Level has built in Neodymium magnets, a 7 inch ruler, and a vial set for 45 degree angles.

The Folding Jab Saw is a nice tool when you find yourself in a pinch.  Folding away to roughly seven inches, and stores in a durable belt pouch.  The Jab Saw is a simple yet effective tool that comes with three blades and can be swapped for any reciprocating saw blade.  It’s a handy go to hand saw from anything from cutting branches to 2×4’s.

Overall Impression:

Not much else can be said about the SAVAGE levels – they work great and are durable.   The illuminated vials are specifically vital when you are in tight poorly lit spaces or crawl spaces.  The level frames are rugged enough to stay job site tough.  which is a must for PRO’s!

The Folding Jab Saw is heavy duty enough to stand up to job site tasks; however the blade swivel is a little tough to operate. The option to use many different blades is nice to have, and any DIY’er in a pinch would enjoy this tool.

How Much And Where To Buy?

The SAVAGE 24 inch Lighted Box Beam Levelsells online for $49.00 here: Swanson-SVLB24-Non-Magnetic-Energizer-Batteries

The Swanson TLL049M 9-Inch Lighted Torpedo Level with 2 Energizer Batteries and Neodymium Magnets sell online for $ 24.00 here:

The Swanson SVK666 Savage Folding Jab Saw/Utility Knife with 3 Saw Blades, 1 Utility Knife Blade and Soft Pouch sells online for $25.00 here:

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