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Ryobi TEK4 Flashlight

Ryobi TEK4 High Intensity Flashlight Model RP4400 REVIEWRyobi flashlight RP4400

The folks at Ryobi recently sent me a bunch of their TEK4 cordless tools to evaluate.  I chose to evaluate the TEK4 High Intensity Flashlight first because I was intrigued by it.

First Impression:

The Ryobi TEK4 Flashlight is a cool looking little light.  I liked it’s size and at 6.7 ounces with the battery it weighs a little more than a cell phone.  I especially liked the rubber grips and belt / pocket clip for carrying this light. At 4-1/2″ long and about 1-3/8″ round radius this flashlight fit perfect in my hand.

The TEK4 High Intensity Flashlight is powered by a Ryobi 4V Lithium-Ion battery which  is equivalent to 3 AA batteries and has over 2,000 recharge cycles which eliminates 6,000 AA batteries and will save you approximately $8,800. The 4V Lithium-Ion Battery provides a number of advanced features such as: Long runtime for convenience, long-shelf life so this flashlight will always be ready for use.

Ryobi claimed that this light will last up to six hour of continuous light.  I left the light on it it did. Very impressive.  Having a flashlight that is rated to be  waterproof  to an immersion of 3.3 feet, is a huge plus.  Lets face it we often use flashlights in extreme conditions and environment and often in wet areas.

Using The TEK4 High Intensity Flashlight:

I was super impressed with the 220 lumen that this little light cranked out.  It has a tight 12: radius spot light and a much wider 4-5′ larger radius of lighter light.  I used this light during an attic inspection today and love it.  It’s size and weight are great.

The only thing I did not like about the TEK4 High Intensity Flashlight was the power switch.  To turn this light on all you have to do is rotate the bulb head to the right.  Although this is easily accomplished, I feel it can turn on too easily and may accidentally turn on when inserted in your back pocket, vehicle or tool bag.  the way the bet / pocket clip is situated it is most natural to grab and insert the flashlight buy the bulb head.  Inadvertently turning this light on is inevitably going to happen.

The TEK4 High Intensity Flashlight did not come with a battery and charger.  My guess is that it is set up for a tool combo package and will be bought in conjunction with other TEK4 cordless tools combo kits.  To purchase the TEK4 charger and battery separately plan on spending another $25.00 in addition to the $20.00 for the flashlight.

If you already have TEK4 cordless tools this flashlight is amazing for $20.00.

Features & Specifications:

 Overall Impression:

Everybody needs a  TEK4 High Intensity Flashlight for their home, vehicle and tool bag.  It’s a great light for a great price.  You can find the Ryobi  TEK4 High Intensity Flashlight, battery and charger at Home Depot and at online stores.

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