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Ryobi TEK4 Digital Inspection Scope

Ryobi TEK4 Digital Inspection Scope, Model RP4205  REVIEW

The folks at Ryobi, up till now cost dictated that Digital Inspection Scopes were for professionals only. 

Ryobi’s TEK4 Digital Inspection Scope is the solution of serious DIYers and homeowners who have a need for peeking into wall cavities, into pipes or ducts and other enclosed hard to reach spaces.

First Impression:

The Ryobi TEK4 Digital Inspection Scope is a sturdy and easy to use with minimal functions.  Ryobi followed the “K.I.S.S. Principle” in their controls design and I like it!

The unit has four [4] controls; an on/off switch, a zoom function, a rotate view (rotate the view 180 degrees) and light switch which turns on a LED light at the end of the scope. The rotate feature can be useful when trying to figure out what an object may be.

It powers up easily and quickly, has an 2 setting LED light and 2x magnification.   The inspection wand was flexible enough at 36″ and plenty long.  I found the screen  plenty bright but not detachable like some of the more expensive professional models.


Using The RYOBI TEK4 Digital Inspection Scope:

I used the Ryobi TEK4 Digital Inspection Scope the other day to inspect refrigerator coils for a leak and also today to inspect and troubleshoot my workshop table saw’s  blade gear drive.  The crank has been getting difficult to raise and lower the blade.  Inspection showed that the gear had a build up of sap and saw dust.   Once I figured that out the remedy was simple.

How Much And Where To Buy:

The Ryobi TEK4 Digital Inspection Scope sells for $139 at Home Depot.

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