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Ryobi ONE+ Stick Vacuum P7181

Ryobi ONE+ Stick Vacuum P7181 Review

I remember as a kid, my aunt had a carpet sweeper, which was the cordless vacuum back in that day. A carpet sweeper typically consists of a small box with internal brush rollers and brushes. When pushed along a floor the rollers turn and force the brushes to rotate, sweeping dirt and dust into the storage box.

Over time, the electric vacuum cleaner improved in efficiency and convenience, eventually giving birth to the cordless battery-powered vacuum. Up until the last few years, cordless vacuums were never really good in my opinion. I remember the old dust busters that would last 10-minutes and barely have enough suction to pick up a raisin.  But that is not the case anymore.

Cordless vacuums are now holding their own on the job site as well as at home.

While moving my daughter into her new apartment we realized that we needed a vacuum. A quick trip to Home Depot and I returned with a Ryobi ONE+ Stick Vacuum. Admittedly I was just checking a box by getting her this cordless vacuum, but after charging it up and using it I was blown away at the functionality, 45-minute runtime, and powerful roller bar suction.

RYOBI 18V ONE+ Cordless Brushless Stick Vacuum Kit Features

EVERCHARGE wall mount

The wall mount not only organizes, and holds, the vacuum and its accessories, it charges the battery without having to remove it from the tool.  This allows for a quick grab-and-go for quick cleanups.

Capturing Dust and Debris

One of the nicer features of this vacuum is the bagless built-in debris storage container. It’s clear to allow you to see when it needs emptying and is super easy and straightforward to empty. The canister detached from the vac and can be carried to a trash receptacle. A simple depression on the lock button opens a spring-loaded door at the bottom of the bowl.  A few shakes or tapping on the canister sides and you’re ready to get back to vacuuming.

Swivel Head Roller Brushes

The roller brush works exceptionally well on carpets, the articulating swivel head moves with ease, navigating under and around objects. The roller bar removes easily for cleaning and the dual LED light at the front of the roller head illuminates areas like underneath tables and chairs nicely. I’d like to see an additional brush-only attachment head that was better suited for tile and hardwood flooring.

Using the Vacuum

The vacuum weighs approximately 7lbs and maneuvers extremely well. The power switch is easy and well located. Its recommend to switch between a high mode for more suction on the carpet and a low mode for hard surfaces. I simply left it in high mode when using it. The best part of using this vacuum was that I did not have to go back over stuff – the suction was adequate and did its job.

I liked this vacuum so much that I picked one up for my house and my wife asked if we could put it upstairs because she was tired of dragging our heavier, canister-type vac up the stairs.

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