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Ryobi 3100 Pressure Washer RY80940


Ryobi 3100 psi 2.5 GPM Honda Engine Gas Pressure Washer with Idle Down

A power washer has considerably more cleaning power than what you can get with a garden hose and is a go-to-tool for Pros for tough cleaning and prepping o masonry and wood surfaces.  A pressure washer is also a great tool for the serious DIY-er and homeowner looking to clean surfaces around their own home.  Surfaces such as driveways, patio, pool decks, decks, siding, windows, fences and more as just some of the surfaces a pressure washer is useful on.

We recently got the chance to use and review the Ryobi 3100 Pressure Washer RY80940.  Read more to learn what we thought of it.

First Impression:

The Ryobi 3100 Pressure Washer RY80940 has minimal set up, 3 bolts,  in order to get it ready to use.  It’s handle folds forward for easier and compact storage and locks in place for transport.   An on board spray wand and hose storage is included and conveniently located.  The hose storage has a built-in bungee cord that keeps the hose from falling off during transport – nice touch.

We found the operating instructions well labeled including a numbered sequence printed on the machine.  Starting and operating the Ryobi pressure washer was easy and intuitive.

The 187 cc Honda motor immediately got our attention.  Honda has a great reputation for being a solid performer and reliable starting motor.


The Ryobi 3100 Pressure Washer RY80940 has an engine Idle Down feature that responds to the demand of the pressure washer pump.  When the trigger is pulled the motor throttles up high sand when the trigger is released the motor idles low.   This feature increases fuel efficiency and lowers unnecessary noise.

The Ryobi pressure washer pump is aluminum and maintenance free and has a range of 2600-3199 psi .  This Pressure Washer as a 25-foot vinyl PowerFlex high-pressure hose and features a 5-in-1 coupling nozzle which connects to the spray wand with one hand and uses the coupling method of attachment.

The 5 in 1 nozzle has easy spray pattern adjustments with the following patterns:

An on-board detergent tank is easy to access and has a 20:1 automatic dilution ratio.  This allows the user to add their detergent full strength and let the machine do the dilution work for you.

Using the Ryobi Pressure Washer

The Ryobi was easy to set up and started on the first pull.  It was easy to operate – this machine is simple PERIOD!  We cleaned asphalt driveway, blue-stone patio and pebbled aggregate pool patio.  The cleaning power was adequate and this machine made some tough cleaning tasks go well and fast.

The hose is nor rubber and the connections screw on as opposed to using a brass or stainless steel coupling attachment – this is expected for a DIY machine and did not seem to effect performance.   The locations of the hose connections are convenient and not difficult to access.

At 75-pounds this machine is light enough to be picked up and placed in a vehicle.   The wheels on the machine remind me a bit of a lawn mower and I felt that this is an area where the quality could be improved. The wheels worked fine and the machine is extremely maneuverable and transportable.

Overall Impression:

This Ryobi pressure washer machine is a DIY-er dream.  At $399.00 at Home Depot you can’t go wrong with the Ryobi 3100 Pressure Washer RY80940.  It will tackle your toughest cleaning as well as be useful on gentle cleaning such as vehicle and windows.


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