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Ryobi 18V One+ Cleaning Tools Review

Ryobi Chemical Sprayer | EZClean Power Cleaner | Power Scrubber

My parents will soon be replacing the front door entry at their home. Before they do that, they wanted their front stairs to be cleaned. I volunteered for the job as I believed I had the perfect trifecta of Ryobi cleaning tools for the job.

Ryobi 18V One+ 2 Gallon Chemical Sprayer Cleaning Tool (#P28320)

Better Than A Traditional Pump Sprayer

I began the job with my Ryobi 18V One+ 2 Gallon Chemical Sprayer (#P28320). I enjoy using a traditional pump sprayer for cleaning jobs at my house, but my pump sprayers have always had 3 shortcomings—steadily declining pressure, the constant need to pump it to increase that pressure, and liquid leaking all over me throughout this process. The Ryobi 18V One+ 2 Gallon Chemical Sprayer has come to the rescue and solved all of those issues for me.

2-Gallon Tank And Optional Backpack

The Ryobi Chemical Sprayer comes well outfitted for any cleaning task. Ryobi ships the sprayer with two 2-gallon tanks so that you can prepare 2 tanks at once for the biggest cleaning jobs. The caps for the tanks are also 4-ounce measuring cups—very handy! Once I had my Simple Green mixture ready in the 2-gallon tank, the sprayer performed beautifully as I pre-treated the concrete platform and bluestone step. The tank comes with a comfortable backpack holster, but I find it just as easy to hold the sturdy handle when using the sprayer.

Trigger Actuated Pump

The power button for the pump is conveniently located on the head of the unit, and once depressed, you never need to pump it to dispense the cleaning solution. I love that an 18V One+ battery eliminates the need to pump the sprayer. In addition to no pumping, there is also no reduction in water pressure as you work. The metal sprayer head at the end of the metal wand easily twists to adjust from a stream to a spray. At the base of the wand is the trigger that you hold down to spray, and there is also the ability to slide the trigger into a locking position so it sprays constantly without the use of your thumb. The stream produced by the Chemical Sprayer easily travels 10-15 feet in distance so you can stand back and also reach higher points as you clean.

Video of Ryobi 18V One+ 2 Gallon Chemical Sprayer in action.

Excellent Battery Run Time

I was able to completely soak the stairs with 2 gallons of solution and the battery remained at 4 bars of strength. Ryobi claims that you can spray up to 20 tanks per battery charge. I have used this sprayer 2 separate times to clean the exterior of my shed and I have never run out of battery, and with 2 tanks of a solution, I usually have more than enough solution prepared for the job. The Ryobi 18V One+ 2 Gallon Chemical Sprayer is the perfect solution for those who enjoy using a pump sprayer as it completely eliminates the headaches caused by an ordinary pump sprayer.

Ryobi 18V One+ HP Brushless EZClean 600 PSI Power Cleaner (#RY121852K)

Once I had a solution on the stairs, it was time to bring out the big guns! I own the Ryobi 18V One+ HP Brushless EZClean 600 PSI Power Cleaner (RY121852K) and it is awesome for powering through the toughest dirt. The Ryobi EZClean Power Cleaner is entirely battery operated, which makes it a very convenient and powerful tool. When hooked up to a garden hose, the RY121852K brings up to 600 PSI of cleaning power to the job. The screw-on connection to the hose is plastic, but it’s a very durable one and it doesn’t leak. The battery is well protected inside a water-resistant lockable plastic housing at the base of the unit.

20-Foot Siphon Hose

Ryobi made the Brushless EZClean Power Cleaner even more versatile by packaging it with a 20-foot plastic siphon hose that can draw liquid from any container. I have often used it with a 5-gallon bucket of water when I wanted to wash my car and didn’t have a hose available. And when you don’t need a large source of liquid, Ryobi also offers a smaller siphon hose that fits inside a 2-liter bottle and both are attached to the cleaner itself. Even with the 2-liter bottle attached, I have never found the EZClean Power Cleaner cumbersome to use. While I don’t own any other accessories, Ryobi sells a Power Cleaner Multi-purpose brush that looks really intriguing for home use on motor vehicles and outdoor furniture.

Ryobi EZClean Power Nozzle

The real power of the Ryobi 18V One+ HP Brushless EZClean 600 PSI Power Cleaner comes from the 3-in-1 power nozzle. The plastic end of the nozzle twists securely onto the body of the cleaner and I have never found it to leak in any of my testings. The metal wand terminates at the plastic head of the power nozzle which offers three spraying functions—Turbo, 15-Degree Spray, and Rinse.

Three Power Nozzle Features

The Turbo is extremely powerful for an 18V battery-operated device. Using the Turbo mode, I was able to blow most of the dirt and grime off of the concrete and bluestone with a simple back-and-forth motion. At up to 600 PSI, the Turbo spray is quite strong and it will definitely sting if you accidentally spray yourself. The 15-degree spray is also quite potent and it provides a strong spray across a wider area. I liked using the Rinse option to clean off the platform area after removing the dirt.

Three Selectable PSI Functions

In addition to those 3 functions available on the nozzle’s head, on the body of the powered unit itself, there are 3 more modes—Low, Medium, and High—available to customize the water pressure for the job. When a full 600 PSI isn’t necessary on High, the Low and Medium Modes are enough power for more gentle applications. In fact, I used the Low setting on the stairs and it was more than enough power to wash away years of dirt. Offering the ability to customize the stream and the pressure just increases the versatility of this product, in my opinion.

Video of Ryobi 18V One+ HP Brushless EZClean 600 PSI Power Cleaner using Turbo Spray and Low Mode.

Quiet And Powerful Cleaning Tool

My parents and neighbors have always been impressed by the Ryobi 18V One+ HP Brushless EZClean 600 PSI Power Cleaner because of its power and how quietly it operates. While it’s not a Ryobi gas-powered pressure washer, it will tackle most cleaning situations, and with a 20-foot plastic siphon hose, you don’t have to rely upon a garden hose to provide you with a water source.

Ryobi 18V One+ Telescoping Power Scrubber Cleaning Tool (#P4500)

To finish the job on the stairs, I used the Ryobi 18V One+ Telescoping Power Scrubber (#P4500). The Chemical Sprayer and EZClean Power Cleaner had done the majority of the work for me, but I had some stubborn lichen that needed to be scrubbed off of the bluestone. I had previously reviewed the Ryobi Telescoping Power Scrubber and Ryobi Handheld Scrubber (#P4510) for my own set of stairs and I love using these devices around the house. To remove the lichen, I used the Ryobi Hard Bristle Brush and it worked very effectively. I really enjoyed being able to stand upright and gently maneuver the telescoping head and hard bristle brush across the stairs—this saved both my back and my hands.

Video of Ryobi Handheld Scrubber from a prior review.

Ryobi Cleaning Tools Final Thoughts

After a little over an hour of work, my parent’s front stairs were infinitely cleaner than when I started. My Ryobi Triple Threat of cleaning devices was able to remove several years’ worth of embedded dirt, grime, and lichen from the concrete platform and bluestone step. When the new front door is installed, the clean stairs will complement it nicely.

To purchase your own Ryobi trifecta of cleaning products, please visit The Home Depot.


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