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Roof Safety Anchoring System

Miller Fusion Roof Anchor Post

Whether your looking for a permanent or temporary roof anchor solution there are a few things for you to consider with a roof  safety anchoring system .

besides being required by OSHA falls hurt.   It’s not so much the falling, it’s the landing right?   Death from a fall is the leading cause of death among construction workers.  Fall related deaths account for one-third of all construction fatalities and cause more than 68,000 serious injuries each year.

Had various types of fall protection been deployed virtually all of those deaths could have been prevented.

I recently spied the Miller Fusion Roof Anchor Post which is a single-point that adapts to a wide range of roof designs with an innovative base plate that does not a roof penetration or external trusses or beams.   This system attaches to most industrial roofs including standing seam, rubber membrane and concrete.

When this Roof Safety Anchoring System is properly installed,  realistic fall protection is established. Should a fall occur, forces are reduced with its energy-absorbing design to maintain a secure connection to the structure.

The Miller Fusion Roof Anchor Post reduces the force of a fall.  The anchor reorients with the force in a direct line and activates a patent-pending energy absorber while the base remains securely fastened to the roof surface

Designed to live outdoors with Mother Nature all of the internal components are constructed of stainless steel.  The steel post and base are plated with zinc followed by a premium powder coating for two layers of protection.




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