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Rockwell Oscillating Multitool

Rockwell Oscillating Multitool With Hands Free Accessory Change and Universal Accessories:

The new Rockwell Oscillating Multitool was redesigned with a tool less accessory change and can now accept other brands’ accessories without adapters.   Rockwells accessories are now universal so they can be used on competitor multitools.

The Rockwell Oscillating Multitool  has what is called a Hyperlock  tool-free feature that quickly releases or attaches the blade or accessory with out the need for a tool.  A lever on top of the tool is raised to attach or remove an accessory and then clamped down to secure the accessory with one ton of clamping force.   [Models  RK5139K and RK5140K only]   Having  a clamp force of one ton ensures that you do not have accessory slippage during cutting, scraping or sanding applications.

The Rockwell universal fit will  completely replace and eliminate all previous Rockwell oscillating tool and accessory kits.  Rockwell Sonicrafter Universal Fit accessories are designed to fit all competitors’ oscillating tools. If you buy a Rockwell Sonicrafter blade, it will be able to fit on any multi-tool you own.

New Rockwell Accessory Blades:

The Rockwell Oscillating Multitool blades  feature a stepped profile for true flush-cutting applications and now last over two times the life of previous precision end-cut blades.

Rockwell also has ramped up the amps in its new corded oscillating multi-tools, increasing their power and cutting efficiency. The Sonicrafter X2 (RK5140) leads the way with an increase from 2.3 to 3.0 amps. The Sonicrafter (RK5139) jumps from 2.3 to 2.5 amps and the Shop Series Sonictool increases from 2.0 to 2.3 amps.

Sonicrafter X2 (RK5140, $149)

 Sonicrafter (RK5139, $119)

Sonicrafter 12V Cordless (RK2522K2, $139)

2.3 amp motor (Compared to previous model’s 2.0 amp motor)

 Shop Series Sonictool (SS5120, $49)

Rockwell Oscillating Multi-tool Case:

Rockwell has designed a new tool case for the new Sonicrafter X2 (RK51340) and Sonicrafter (RK5139K) and accessories. The compact, waterproof case features separate bulk storage areas.  Its rigid, durable construction provides ease of stacking and transport.

The new Rockwell Sonicrafter X2 (RK5140, $149), Sonicrafter (RK5139, $119), Sonicrafter 12V Cordless (RK2522K2, $139) and Shop Series Sonictool (SS5120, $49) will be available in October at and other websites.



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