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Rockwell H3 Rotary Hammer Drill


The Rockwell® H3 Rotary Hammer Drill is ideal for anyone who has the need to drill a few holes in even the toughest concrete but doesn’t want to lug around a 20-plus-pound rotary hammer drill.


Ultra-compact, lightweight, powerful and Euro-styled, the H3 rotary hammer drill is one of the latest tools in Rockwell’s extended family of 12-volt lithium-ion power tools, which includes a 3-in-1 3RILL, drill/driver, screwdriver, impact driver and Sonicrafter®.

This 3-Function Rotary Hammer Drill is a real time saver when it comes to drilling in concrete or brick. It makes jobs like installing concrete screws, gutter brackets, mail boxes and conduit clamps a snap.

The H3’s unique 3-in-1 quick change chuck system gives the user flexibility to immediately switch between using the tool as a rotary hammer drill, conventional three-jaw drill or power screwdriver. Insert the traditional three-jaw chuck into the tool’s collet, and it converts from hammer drill to conventional drill. Insert the SDS Plus bit-holder, and the H3 is now a powerful screwdriver. A dial switch on the body of the tool lets the operator switch from hammer to drilling mode.

Rockwell H3 Rotary Hammer Drill

The rotary hammer drill’s impact rate is 0-4800 blows-per-minute (bpm). In drilling mode, the tool operates at a no-load speed of 0-900 rpm. Its drilling capacity is 3/8 in. in wood and concrete and 5/16 in. in steel. The H3’s powerful 12-volt lithium battery drills up to 15, ¼-in. holes in 4800 psi concrete on a single charge. That’s no lightweight task for a tool that only weights in at 3 lbs.LithiumTech™ batteries are lighter weight than, and characteristically outperform, their NiCd counterparts.

These batteries last longer and feature a greater number of recharges. There also is no memory effect, so the battery can charge anytime. In fact, with a 30 minute recharge time, they reach 75 percent of their charge after 15 minutes. LithiumTech batteries also are recyclable, which keeps their components circulating and out of landfills.

The LithiumTech 12V Battery Charger is unique, as well. This innovative charger features a built-in USB recharging port. So don’t worry about losing power on your cell phone, MP3 player or laptop. Recharge it right on the job site.

The Rockwell H3 12V Lithium 3-Function Rotary Hammer Drill is part of Rockwell’s Free Batteries for Life program, which reinforces the company’s confidence in the quality of its batteries and cordless tools. Registered users never need to worry about buying new batteries because Rockwell will replace them free for the life of the tool. The Free Batteries for Life program reduces the overall cost of owning a Rockwell cordless tool by 40 to 70 percent.

The Rockwell H3 12V Lithium 3-Function Rotary Hammer Drill (RK2513K2, $179.99) is available at and other online Websites, including It also is expected to be available through various local retailers such as Menards, Lowe’s and independent hardware stores and lumber yards.

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