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Rockwell BladeRunner


The engineers at Rockwell have designed a benchtop saw that blends performance characteristics of a portable jigsaw, a benchtop scroll saw, and a bandsaw.

This innovative hybrid saw – the Rockwell BladeRunner™ – not only has the variable-speed blade action of a scroll saw, but a powerful 5 amp motor. Add a 17 in. x 15-3/4 in. stainless steel table top with a T-slot and a miter gauge/rip fence combination and the operator can make cross-cuts, angled and rip cuts all day. The saw’s expanded throat capacity allows the user to guide longer work materials through the blade.

The saw’s control arm is adjustable for material thickness and flips up and out of the way to set up internal cuts. There’s even a sewing machine style pressure foot that serves as a work piece hold down for repetitive cut operations.

Weighing just less than 18 lbs., this compact portable saw is great for home workshops, garage-based shops, or jobsite use.

It’s an ideal do-it-yourself and craft projects saw. Make quick, accurate and easy miter saw cuts in wood for molding and trim, picture frames or sign making. Make intricate inside cuts where precision counts by providing access to guide work pieces through the cut. By simply changing the blade, the BladeRunner is capable of cutting PVC pipe, sheet metal or flashing and vinyl siding.

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Cut ceramic tile for kitchen back splashes or bathroom shower enclosures.The saw eliminates the need for nippers.

“For making crosscuts and basic angled cuts in a variety of materials, the BladeRunner really is a versatile little saw,” said Jeanne White, Rockwell’s senior product manager. “Don’t be fooled by its appearance – it’s powerful and efficient, but not intimidating.”

Blade selection is practically unlimited, as the BladeRunner uses widely-available standard T-shank jigsaw blades. The blade stroke is 7/8 in. Blade guide rollers ensure 90° cutting at all times. Changing blades is done in less than 10 seconds with the pull of a lever. The saw’s cutting capacity is 1 ½ in. in wood; 1 ¼ in. in PVC; 3/8 in. in aluminum, 1/8 in. in mild steel and 3/8 in. in ceramic tile.

The BladeRunner’s base is impact resistant and constructed for durability and is supported by four, non-marring rubber feet. The body of the saw features dedicated blade and miter gauge storage. It has a 1 ¼ in. port for wet/dry vac hookup (adapter included) and removable dust collection drawer. Other features include an on/off rocker switch with safety key to prevent unauthorized use, 4 ft. power cord and built-in power cord wrap for storage.

Optional accessories include Circle Cutter (RW9261, $29.99) and Picture Frame Cutter (RW9262, $29.99) and BladeRunner Wall Mount (RKRW9263, $29.99) attachments.

The Rockwell BladeRunner (RK7320, $159.99) and Rockwell BladeRunner with Wall Mount accessory (RK7321, $179.99) are available online at These products also are expected to be available through websites, including, and local retailers, such as Menards and Lowes.

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Rockwell Circle Cutter Attachment:

The new Rockwell BladeRunner features an optional Circle Cutter Attachment that allows users to cut precise concentric circles from 3 in to 18 in. in diameter.

The accessory jig utilizes the tabletop’s T-slot to guide the workpiece as it travels through the blade. Set up is easy. Find the center of the workpiece. Mount the circular disc to the work piece, and then mount the workpiece onto the

Circle Cutter. Set the desired radius and begin the cut.

The Rockwell Circle Cutter Attachment (RW9261, $29.99) is available online at These products also are expected to be available through websites, including and local retailers, such as Menards in November of 2010.

Rockwell Picture Frame Cutter:

The Rockwell BladeRunner Picture Frame Cutter has mitered sides that orient the workpiece to exact 90o angles.

Once in place, the cutter’s stops and gauges provide set up for precise cuts to desired dimensions. When making multiple, identical frames, the Picture Frame Cutter can be set up for repetitive cut operations to achieve perfect 90°angles every time. It’s even possible to cut a frame to match a pre-sized piece of glass or matting, rather than having to cut the matting or glass to match the frame.

For a polished professional look, the Picture Frame Cutter is capable of cutting rabbets, which is a recessed cut into the edge of wood frames that serves as a shelf to hold pictures or art along with matting and pane. The Rockwell Picture Frame Cutter (RW9262, $29.99) is available online at

These products also are expected to be available through websites, including, and local retailers, such as Menards.

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Rockwell Bladerunner Wall Mount:

The Rockwell BladeRunner Wall Mount accessory is great for workshops were space is at a premium. This accessory consists of four main parts.

The upper and lower assemblies are the foundation of the system and are screwed into wall studs at a suggested working height of 35 in. above the floor. Two guide rails or tubes with safety latches and landing pads connect the two assemblies. Not only does the wall mount support the BladeRunner saw, but also features integrated storage for both the Picture Frame Cutter and Circle Cutter accessories.

This compact work station is ideal for garage or basement workshops. The Wall Mount is included with the BladeRunner model RK7321.

The Rockwell BladeRunner Wall Mount (RW9263, $29.99) is available online at These products also are expected to be available through websites, including here:  Rockwell-RK7321-BladeRunner-Wall-Mount

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