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Rockler Vortex Dust Collector

Rockler Dust Right Vortex 40530

Rockler’s Dust Right Vortex™, is a 10-gallon dust container that turns a shop vacuum into a two-stage dust collector.  Rockler recently sent me a Dust Right Vortex™ to evaluate and review.  Cyclone dust collectors separate the heavy wood dust debris before it passes into the vacuum filter.

I found it durable, lightweight and easy to set up.   This innovative tool allows a woodworker to transform their shop vacuum into a two-stage dust collector.

Dust Right Vortex

The Dust Right Vortex™, can be used with most power tools and shop vacuums, and captures sawdust, wood chips, and other debris before it gets to the vacuum, effectively preventing the loss of suction power caused by a clogged vacuum filter.

I hooked up the Dust Right Vortex™ to my 3 HP router table exhaust port and shop vac.  It worked beautifully collecting the majority of the sawdust and 100 percent of the wood chips I created.

The only drawback I found with the Vortex was with the hose connections.  I had to use one of my own hose connectors and made some modifications in order to get a fit.   Plan on doing this for any dust collection system you choose.

The Dust Right Vortex™ is the perfect solution for a small DIY shop or job site.  People are so dust conscious these days that adding the Dust Right Vortex™ to their shop vac can extend the life of the vacuum filter.

If you’re a woodworker who can afford a dust collection system or do not have the room for one I suggest you consider getting a   Dust Right Vortex™.    Dust Right Vortex™ combined with a shop vacuum and a HEPA filter can really make your woodworking experience healthier and more enjoyable.

The Dust Right™ Vacuum (SKU: 40530) retails for $69.99 and is available at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware stores nationwide.

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