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Rockler T-Track Table Review

Rockler T-Track TableRockler T-Track Table Review

Initial impression

For centuries fine craftsman everywhere have at one time or another struggled to find the perfect way to clamp and hold their projects.

Welcome to the 21st century where those struggles are a thing of the past. Rockler has created a simple solution to help alleviate those struggles.

Functionality In The Shop!

The all new Rockler T-Track Table brings simplistic and versatile functionality to your clamping and holding needs.

When I first read Rockler had created such a solution I thought, “I could really use that.”

I am sure all guys have that thought when they see a cool new tool.  There are many times that I have small parts and struggle to secure and stabilize these parts to work on them.

Whether I am sanding, assembly, routing, or drilling these small parts, this new solution could really prove to be useful.

When I received the T-Track table I had been thinking about all the jigs and clamping possibilities and now I could put them to the test.  When I unpacked it I could feel how solid it was and I could see how well constructed this table was. It was truly a solid and stable work surface.

Overview of the T-Track Table functions and features

The table top measures 28″ wide by 40″ long and is 1-1/8″ Thick which makes it a solid and stable surface. The edges of the white melamine coated MDF is finished with a 3mm black banding. There are five 3/4″wide by 3/” extruded aluminum universal T-tracks built into the tabletop, three running horizontally and two vertically which are set slightly below the surface so as not to interfere with your work.

This track orientation creates six T-Track junctions/intersections which are all mitered and interconnected to create smooth sliding transitions for your t-bolts to move.  This allows you the flexibility to slide your clamp, jig, or hold down through and into any track without removing it.

The track layout along with the available accessories designed to complement this system allow unlimited clamping and hold down options. The T-Tracks accept either 1/4″ or 5/16″ t-bolts as well as 1/4″ hex bolts.

There is an assortment of T-track hold downs, bench cookies work grippers with risers, and toggle clamps which can be used with mounting plates. There is an array of clamping and hold down accessories available that work with the T-Track table’s t-tracks. These accessories will allow you to create an assortment of clamp and jig components customized to fit your needs.

Using the T-Track Table

I was ready to put this T-Track table to use. I started trying it out at clamping an assortment of items along the tracks. It was just so versatile I could move the clamps to any position to hold down my work. The clamps could accept a more than adequate amount of pressure without putting stress on the table top itself. The tracks are securely screwed down in the groves and did not flex or move with the clamping pressure.

I used a kreg face clamp to kreg screw some face frame parts together. You could create 4 stop blocks with t-bolts and set two in the horizontal track and two in the vertical track and have a perfectly square face frame clamping table. I absolutely love the cookie grippers with the risers to raise your project off the surface for finishing.

The coated MDF top makes cleanup easy. There is just such so much you can do with this clamping table. It allows you to be creative with building jigs for whatever you need to provide the clamping and hold down solutions for your projects.

Overall impression

This is truly a great addition to my shop. A simple yet very versatile solution for the centuries old issue of holding down your projects. If you are sanding, routing, clamping, cutting or finishing, this Rockler T-Track table and its accessories will be an excellent addition to your shop.



Tim Curry is a licensed contractor, cabinet maker, carpenter, and owner of a custom cabinet and furniture business located in Poynette, Wisconsin; Prairie Woodworks LLC provides fine custom cabinetry and furniture for use in residential and commercial construction. Tim has 20 years of experience in residential remodeling, design, and construction. Tim enjoys evaluating, reviewing, testing tools and making sawdust.




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