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Rockler Silicone Glue Brush

Rockler Silicone Glue Brush

Re- Usable Woodworking Glue Brush

Recently the folks at Rockler send me their new Silicone Glue Brush to review and evaluate.  To be honest I immediately looked at the brushes and thought they were a cheap gimmick.

I was wrong – the  Rockler Silicone Glue Brush worked as advertised and worked well.

Up to now I used these metal handles black bristled brushes when gluing objects in my shop such as dadoes, tongues, grooves and dovetails.   If I was quick and washed the brush off I was able to re use them – if not, well they got trashed!

Rockler’s new Silicone Glue Brush, is easy to clean, whether the glue has dried on the bristles or not, and is designed for to be reused.

I tested these brushed out in my shop by coating them with Gorilla Wood Glue, waited for them to dry and then tried to peel off the glue.  It worked, the glue peeled off the silicone bristles.  Rocker recommends using hot water to ease stubborn clean ups.

The Rockler Silicone Glue Brush has a 1″ wide bristle width and a 1/2″ depth.  I found tht the bristles held plenty of wet glue,and spread the glue well.

The rear end of the Rockler Silicone Glue Brush has a paddle end and can be used to get glue into tight spots like  mortise and tenon, dovetail, and box joints, or like a spatula for spreading glue into splits, grooves and mortises;.

According to Rockler fully dried polyurethane glue cracks and peels right off the bristles.  I did not test this.  The Silicone Glue Brush (45624) retails for $3.99.

 Rockler Silicone Glue Brush Video Review:

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