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Rockler Dust Right Quick Release Kit

Rockler Dust Right

The folks at Rockler recently sent me their Dust Right Tool Port to review and evaluate.    The Dust Right Port connects nicely to any shop tool with a 2-1/2” or 4” dust port, while the Dust Right handle fits perfectly onto the ports.

The Dust Right™ Handle is a super convenient way to unplug your dust collector hose from one machine and plug it into another machine, using the same hose.  If you have a small shop or multiple machines and do not want to have an elaborate system of octopus-like  pipes then you may want to look into this.

What I liked about the Rockler Dust Right Quick Release Kit

The dust Port connectors were easy to connect and the handle is easy to connect and disconnect.  The kit comes with two 4″ tool connectins and I had mine installed in a matter of minutes.

For me I wanted a way to easily disconnect my table-saw dust hose and connect it to my router table fence.

I attached the connectors to both the table saw pipe and the router table fence dust port and now I can easily grab the Dust Port handle and switch between the two.

I chose these two machines because I never use both at the same time and having one hose instead of two in this area makes for less clutter and safer stepping.

Switching between the two is now a simple and smooth process.  No more fighting to get the pipes to connect.  I was impressed and am considering attaching other tools to these connectors.

What I didn’t Like:

I found nothing really wrong with this kit.

For my workshop situation, I don’t have much use for the smaller 2-1/2 ports that were provided, so they are sitting on a shelf collecting dust.   I would like to see a kit that offers four 4 inch ports.  That would be a nice option for someone that is running full size woodworking machines.

The Rockler Dust Right Quick Release Kit Features:

How Much and Where To Buy:

The Rockler Dust Right Quick Release Kit (49496) retails for $39.99. at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware stores and online here:  Rockler-Dust-Right-Multi-Port-Release

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