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Risk Reduction

Risk Reduction

Risk Reduction and Personal Safety

As a police officer and self defense instructor I have learned that there are no guarantees with anything.

No one can say that physical defense is always the absolute right option in every situation. And there is no one fighting style or technique that is completely undefeatable.

But having a heightened sense of awareness and using common sense and sound defensive strategies, you can greatly reduce your odds of being a victim.

The best way not to become a victim is by practicing “risk reduction” strategies and “avoidance techniques”.

Proper training, such as a self defense class or a RAD program will better prepare you to decide whether physical defense is the option you will choose.

I volunteer at two local community RAD programs and I feel that the RAD program is a must for all women and should be a prerequisite for all girls going off to college.

Rick Reduction Rules

The option to fight is yours and should be based on a candid assessment of the situation and your skills.

Never believe or try to reason with your attacker. He has a completely different value system.

Never go anywhere with an attacker. He is probably trying to take you to a more remote location with little/no opportunity for help or escape.

Never get into a stranger’s vehicle. Dangers are the same as above and your fighting ability is greatly reduced.

If the option presents itself and your capable – RUN!!!!

Stay safe!

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