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Rinnai Scale Control System

Rinnai Value Series Tankless Water Heaters and Scale Control System 

I’m a big fan of the Rinnai’s Value Series of tankless water heater because it offers an endless supply of hot water and the ability to run multiple appliances at one time.  Additionally tankless water heaters saving energy because they only heat water as it’s needed.  Recently Rannai came out with an innovative solution to reduce equiptment maintainence and increase the lifespan of thier water heating units, it’s called the Rinnai Scale Control System.

I first learned about the Rinnai Scale Control System at this year’s International Builders’ Show in Orlando.

The new Rinnai Scale Control System, is an accessory that helps residential Rinnai tankless water heaters perform better in areas where “hard water,” causes  limescale deposits.    Limestone deposits affect the efficiency and longevity of a water heating unit and require sooner than normal servicing.

Rinnai Scale Control System

The Rinnai Scale Control System  prevents the heater from  limescale build-up and corrosion, and is installed on a home’s cold water line in front of the tankless unit.  The system prevents mineral deposits by dissolving a special blend of compounds into the water stream, delivering consistent scale control without the use of electricity. The scale control cartidges last approximately 10 to 12 months, and can be easily changed out.

The Rannai Scale Control system can be purchased online here for $201.00

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