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Rigid 18V Cordless Platform

The Rigid 18V Cordless Platform Overview

If you’ve worked in this business long enough, than you’ve heard,

“Oh, you use that cordless drill?  They suck!”  “Did you get that saw for free? Because that’s the only way I’d use that brand!”

Everyone seems to have a favorite, whether it’s blue, red, green or orange, and it seems as if everyone thinks they’re right.  You know what, they probably are right.  If you’ve taken your hard earned money and bought into a cordless tool platform, I

don’t know anyone who would say, “yeah I spent a thousand bucks and these tools suck.”

Preference and Budget Drive Purchases

What I think it comes down to, is personal preference, and how big your wallet is.  We do head-to-head comparisons with various cordless platforms and what we see is interesting.  For the most part the tools we test are pretty close.  One tool may be a little heavier or a little faster but really it’s usually not a night and day difference.   Even when there is a standout, like a great cordless drill from one company, our next head to head has the same company’s cordless circular saw in the back of the pack.

It’s A Race for Small Gains

All the tool companies realize what the other companies are doing and they are constantly chasing each other.  Competition like this is good for the trades, we end up with better technology, and stronger and lighter tools.  Otherwise we’d all still be using bit braces to drill holes.

When I started in the trades my pockets weren’t very deep (they still seem pretty shallow.)  So I decided to go with Craftsman cordless tools 19.2 volts.  Not the best to say the least, but it fit the bill and I was able to buy a whole bunch of tools for under $500. I may be different then some of you, I work like this.  If the cordless saw can’t make the cut then get me the corded one.  That’s where I tend to spend my money on the top rated corded tools, especially since I’m not “tied down” to a certain platform with a corded tool.  I can buy the miter saw I like the best, and I can also buy the reciprocating saw I like the best, even though they’re not made by the same company.  I know that some of you will say, “What happens if there is no power?”  Good question!  Luckily for me most of my business is in remodeling so those jobs usually have electricity.

So when I decided to invest in a new cordless tool platform I had a whole bunch of options.  My priorities were the same though, affordable, tough, and lightweight tools.  After reviewing and trying a whole bunch of different tools I had a decision to make.  To me the decision was pretty easy, RIDGID 18V.

RIDGID 18 Volt Tools

RIDGID 18V Li-Ion tools are first and foremost affordable.  Instead of spending $199 on a drill/impact driver kit, I spent $159 and got a drill/impact driver kit from RIDGID.  To me the tools are not that different, or at least not 40 dollars different.  Using my cordless kit from RIDGID has been a good experience with ample power, and good battery life.  The RIDGID platform offers me a plethora of cordless tools to “add on” to my kit, which I’ve started doing.   RIDGID tools also have a lifetime service and parts agreement and lifetime battery replacement.  Both of these offer me piece of mind.

I’ve often wondered about the reason some people give RIDGID tools a bad name and I’m pretty sure I know why.  Let’s start with they’re only sold at Home Depot.  Every contractor I know says  “Home Cheapo”, while rolling his eyes.  I guess RIDGID tools would have more appeal if they were sold at your local lumberyard or at the “fancy” tool store.  RIDGID tools also doesn’t show up to contractor shows with tool trailers, t-shirts and an expensive truck painted orange. What RIDGID tools lacks is commercial exposure to the trade community paired with being only sold in “the orange box store.”

What some people see as a weakness I see as a strength.  If a tool company has a fancy truck or tool trailer or cool t-shirts where does that money come from to buy those things?  Oh yeah, you pay for it when you buy there tools!  I on the other hand, would rather give over my hard earned money for a good tool, you can keep the pizazz!

In conclusion if you’re looking for a solid 18V cordless platform then there is no reason to not look into RIDGID tools. With an ever-expanding platform of tools, all backed with a great warranty, you’d be hard pressed not consider them.

RIGID tools are the “Hidden Gem,” in the corded and cordless power tool industry!

I use their tools and have yet to be disappointed, I get all the power for an affordable amount.  The only thing that could be better is if they made cool t-shirts – I’m definitely #TeamRIDGID!

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