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RIDGID Oscillating Belt Sander

RIDGID Oscillating Edge/Belt Spindle Sander EB44241 Review

Recently the folks at RIDGID sent me their  Oscillating Edge/Belt Spindle Sander to evaluate and review.  Two tools in one ~ I like it!

What’s an Oscillating Edge/Belt Spindle Sander?

An oscillating spindle sander is a bench top sanding tool that features a sanding spindle that moves up and down [the stroke] and spins[RPMs] for faster material removal.   Oscillating spindle sanders are great for sanding curved and contoured surfaces that would be difficult to accomplish with a hand held sander.  Oscillating spindle sanders feature rubber sanding spindles, that receive round sanding sleeves.

TheRIDGID Oscillating Belt Sander is basically a belt sander fixed on its side with and up and down stroke.

The RIDGID Oscillating Edge/Belt Spindle Sander operates with rotary and oscillating motion to help you easily and quickly achieve burn-free finishes on edges, contours, faces, inside curves and outside curves.

First Impression:

The RIDGID Oscillating Edge/Belt Spindle Sander was super easy to set up and adjust.  I found the table top to be flat and not needing adjustment, there are set screws adjustments for squaring the table, if needed.   Changing back and forth between the spindle and belt sander was easy.   The sander has a tool-free conversion from belt to spindle that  helps you quickly and easily make the change.  All five spindles, table inserts and accessories are stored on-board.   Sanding Drums Provided: 3/4 in, 1 in., 1-1/2 in., 2 in., .

I also found the eight foot cord convenient.   At 40lbs this bench top sander was not a bear to lift or move around.  Two recessed handles on each side make a nice comfortable grabbing point.

The table tilt knob was straight forward and simple.  It locked the table in position and worked fine.  Table tilts 0-48 degrees with detents at most popular angles (0, 15, 22.5, 30, and 45 degrees) to sand bevel edges.


Using The RIDGID   Oscillating Edge/Belt Spindle Sander :

The RIDGID Oscillating Edge/Belt Spindle Sander worked great at smoothing material and on curved stock.   Did I mention noise?  No I didn’t, that’s because this unit run quiet.  Way quieter than I ever would have expected.

The dust collection port easily connects to your shop vac and worked well.  There is are vents or baffles in the table allows the dust to be sucked down into the dust port – nice design.

The five different spindles allowed me to get into tight spots.  One thing you need to watch out for is that this unit sands fast! Too fast in fact, if your not careful you may remove too much material before you realize it.

The belt sander tracking knob adjusted the belt fine but was sensitive, to many turns can send your belt flying off.  Keep your other hand by the on/off switch as you adjust the belt tracking knob.  Care should also

It’s important to read and understand the directions for this tool to understand feed direction.  The sanding sleeve rotates clockwise.  It is important to feed your stock from  left to right to avoid having your stock thrown across the room.

Overall Impression:

I was impressed.  At $207 this sander is an incredible value.  I challenge you to find a better 2-in-1 sander for the same price.   I found the sander easy, reliable, and well made.   Great value!  I can see this tool being used by the occasional woodworker to professionals looking for a reliable, inexpensive bench top sander.

How Much And Where To Buy:

The RIDGID Oscillating Edge/Belt Spindle Sander sells for $207 at the big box stores on online here:  Ridgid-EB4424-Sander-Oscillating-Edge

This review contains my opinion of a product. I take pride in providing my readers with an honest and objective information as well as a practical approach to using a product. I never accept payment in exchange for a positive review. Many of the tools and products are provided to for free by a manufacturer for review.

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