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Returning Phone Calls

Returning Phone Calls

Return Phone Calls Daily Business 101

Returning phone calls is a basic courtesy. It’s sad but not many people do it.  I see this in life as well as a carpentry contractor.

When you return some one’s phone call that person feels respected, important and a priority.

Returning phone calls a sign that you are  professional and reliable.   It implies:

Failing to Return Phone Calls

When you fail to return calls, the caller feels you don’t care, they get aggravated and it can develop into a negative impression on you as a business person it’s unprofessional.

It implies that you do not care about the other person, their issue or project.    Failing to return calls promptly can result in the caller reaching out to your competitor.

If your too busy to speak to people then leave a message on a voice mail or email before or after business hours. The early or late time stamp shows your making an effort.

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