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Residential Fire Suppression System

Changing Smoke Detector Batteries

Residential Fire Suppression SystemAt the International Builders show in Orlando, Florida this year I visited the Tyco booth to learn more about fire suppression systems.

Studies have shown that installing a fire suppression system in a home indicate that the installation of residential fire sprinkler systems could have saved thousands of lives; prevented a large portion of those injuries; and eliminated hundreds of millions of dollars in property losses.

Millions of Americans have smoke alarms in their homes, but a smoke alarm can only alert the occupants to a fire in the house.  A sprinkler system increases the survivability rate of the occupants by containing or extinguishing the fire.

Fires in residences have taken a high toll of life and property. In 2009 there were:

Source: National Fire Protection Association Fire Loss in the U.S. 2009.

A fire suppression system provides a huger measure of safety  and property protection than smoke detector do.  A single sprinkler pendant can protect 400 square feet.

Fire Sprinklers are economical, reliable and proven to be the best way to protect your family and home from the dangers of fire. An investment in a residential fire sprinkler system can prove to be a life-saving decision.

Millions of American homes have smoke alarms, but a smoke alarm can only alert the occupants to a fire in the house … it cannot contain or extinguish a fire.

According to the National Fire Protection Association: When sprinklers are present, the chances of dying in a fire are reduced by one-half to three-fourths and the average property loss per fire is cut by one-half to two-thirds, compared to fires where sprinklers are not present.

The problem with the smoke alarm only scenario is that heavy smoke quickly overcomes occupants – the alarm only alerts the occupants to escape, there is no time to ignore it. The sprinkler saves lives and property damage by extinguishing the fire. Combining the two is the recommended and best protection!

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