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Replacing An Exterior Stair Post

Replacing An Exterior Stair PostReplacing a rotted stair or newel post

Replacing a rotted stair or newel post means temporarily removing the railing as well as of the decking on the bottom step.

On this particular project the newel posts rotted and were no longer strong enough to support peoples weight.  [e.g. 200 lbs of force]

Replacing An Exterior Stair Post Steps:

1.  We removed the railing and cut out the offending posts.

2.  Cut new pressure treated 4×4 posts as replacements.

3.  When cutting the 4×4 post you need to remove 1-1/2″ of material from the post the length of the first step.  This is to allow the post to sit on top of the stair stringer.

4.  I use a circular saw to make this cut and finish the cut with a handsaw, cleaning any bumps or chucks with a sharp chisel.

5.  Once the cut is made I set the new post over the stair stringer and clamp it in a plumb position.

6.  Many people use carriage bolts or nails to secure the post but I recommend using timber screws [i.e., LVL or Timber Lock structural screws]

7.  Four timber lock screws and some construction adhesive hold this post in place for many years to come.

8.  Add pressure treated blocking to lock the post in place, tie it to the adjacent stringer and provide nailing for the decking.

9.  Make a trim post to slide over the pressure treated newel post.

10. Secure it with finish nails.

11. Attach the railing and post cap.

12.  Tie in post moldings at base.

13.  Flash the top of the stringer prior to installing the decking.

14.  Replace the riser trim if needed.  In the pictiure pon the right I am using my Duo-Fast Trim, siding and decking nailer to install stainless steel nails the trim risers.  I also used it to install the fir decking.

15.  Install new decking.  Allow space between the deck boards for drainage and air flow.

16.  Overlap the deck board on the front of the step 1/2″ to 3/4″

17.  Use stainless steel nails for best results.

18.  Finished!


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