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Replacing An Exterior Double Door

Installing A New Double Front Door And Multi-Point Locks:

Dear Concord Carpenter,

I want to replace the original double front doors on our late 50’s deck house. My wife wants to use double front doors again, but I have never had good experience with them sealing, locking, working right.  Any thoughts?
Also, I was considering ordering the door and maybe a sidelight online and doing the job myself. I would say I have intermediate skill level at home repair, but I have never done an exterior door before. Am I crazy?

Thanks, John [Cambridge, Mass]


Dear John,

If you buy a high quality door with a multi-point locking system you should have no problem.

A multi-point lock system provides you with superior protection as well as the best weather sealing performance.

Most of these doors have at least three locking points on a multipoint system.   The system uses “metal hooks” at evenly spaced  locking points to provide evenly spaced compression of the doors weather stripping. This gives you maximum security and superior energy efficiency.

Many high quality doors are made of wood and we all know wood moves with humidity.  If the door moves away from the weatherstripping then you have a leaky door.  Multi-point locks are the best approach to reduce and possibly eliminate this problem.

If you decide to order your own door and install it I suggest you go to J and C Adams in Cambridge.  Ask them to send out a representative to measure your door for you and then you install it.  Make sure you install a sill pan and flash properly.



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