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Removing Table Saw Rust

How To Keep Rust Off Woodworking Tools

Cleaning Rust Off Delta Table Saw

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I bought and Delta contractor saw at a yard sale.  It has all of its parts and accessories and runs  great.  My only problem is the table is covered with rust.  What is the best way to clean it up?

thanks, Scott


As long as the rusting has not pitted the surface you can clean this off.    I have no patience so I use an random orbital sander with 150 grit sand paper to remove the majority of the rust.  I then finish up with 220 grit sandpaper.  Sand until all of the rust is removed, changing your sandpaper as often as needed.

If you have some stubborn area or slight pitting you can try using steel wool or a still wire brush with some WD40 as a lubricant.

Once the surface is clean rub on a good quality paste wax to protect the surface.

Periodically clean and wax your table top and you’ll never have that problem.  Read this link:  How to keep rust off woodworking tools

Hope this helps!  ~ AConcordCarpenter

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