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Removing Drywall Anchors And Patching Walls

Drywall Anchors and Wall Patching

I hate painting but what I hate even more than painting is preparing a wall surface for paint.   Probably the worst part of that is removing drywall anchors and patching Walls.  

A painter friend of mine, Mark O’Lalor, showed me a neat trick that allows you to fill drywall anchor holes holes that drywall anchors make in one pass.

Normally you have to fill the hole, let it dry and re-fill the hole after it shrinks.

Removing Drywall Anchors And Patching Walls TIP

1.  Take a large Phillips head screwdriver and slightly recess the drywall anchor in the wall.   This takes some practice you only want to recess it slightly.  I use my palm but a gentle hammer blow would work too.

2.  Once recessed, apply your quick dry Spackle or drywall compound and use a putty knife to smooth scrape over the wall and hole flush.  DONE!

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